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Our Covid-19 Safety Guidelines:


Here at ProReeds we take health and safety extremely seriously, and we want to let you know we’re doing our part to help stop the spread of Covid-19, keep you safe, and still provide you with world-class reeds. All reeds are made while wearing a mask, and aged for at least two weeks before the final finishing process. During the finishing process the reeds are tested and adjusted as needed over a 3 to 4 day period, something that remains a necessary step to help us provide you with the best possible reeds. Before your order is packaged and shipped, our reeds are disinfected in a state-of-the-art UV light box for the recommended time for porous materials. All packing materials that come in contact with your reeds are also disinfected using this UV light box. Once your reeds and all packaging materials are disinfected they will be packaged while wearing both an N95 mask and gloves to insure they stay disinfected. At this point your reeds will be boxed, shipped, and delivered. If you’re still concerned, you can store your reeds for upwards of 2 weeks before playing them, thus insuring no viable virus remains on the surface of the reeds, or any packing materials. Also, to note, our reed-maker practices the upmost care with personal covid prevention: Rarely leaving home, never socializing in person, and when an outside trip is unavoidable, gloves, an N95 mask, and protective eyewear are always worn. We want all our customers to stay healthy during this crisis, while still being able to make beautiful music, that’s why we here at Pro Reeds are making the effort to go above and beyond to make sure that happens.


* We do not recommend disinfecting your reeds in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Both methods have been tested and both have been found to degrade the quality of our reeds. If you choose to use these methods to disinfect your reed, we can no longer guaranty the quality of our reed.

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